Music composed by Allen Edward Schwamm Gabka
Between 1982 and 1986 with one selection from 1995
Piano, saxophone, vocals: Schwamm Gabka
Trumpet: Larry Alexander Gabka
Oboe: Jane Marie Gabka
Recorded at Zem, Cicero, IL
Manufactured and printed by Lonely Records

This project is dedicated to my perfect love daughter Kyla born at 4:40, to my wife Barbara, in memory of my parents and to my mentor Ralph Dodds.

Being inspired by the movie "Amadeus," I felt deeply that I am the reincarnation of Mozart or connected in some way. I began to pray constantly, "Dear Lord God, make me the greatest most famous composer of all time forever and give me perfect love." Then I discovered "Schwamm" as the single word definition of "Gabka." Then over the years I even discovered "Amadous" used in the extended definition of Schwamm to French. This story more complete was made known to others in the process of making my confirmation, giving a concerto to the Chicago Symphony, giving a produced commercial about my cassette to a classical station in Chicago, to a judge, and in supplying a biography as required in applying to perform on a noontime concert broadcast from Chicago. Then Kyla was born at 4:40.